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Besides FREA Solutions ApS, Christian Ravn Jørgensen also owns the companies FREA A/S and Kærhede Dambrug ApS. Below you will find a short description of those 2 companies.

Kærhede Dambrug ApS

Kærhede Dambrug ApS is named by the first and biggest fish farm in the company – Kærhede Dambrug. The company consists of 8 fish farms with a total annual production of approx. 1,500 tons of trout. The 8 fish farms are based on various production technologies from conventional flow-through farms to recirculation farms, and they include fry farms, fingerling farms and on-growing farms.

The primary production is rainbow trout in portion size from 250 g/pcs to 600 g/pcs and fingerlings available in various sizes. The company also produces a substantial amount of large trout with the characteristic red colored flesh. These large trout are sold in sizes varying from 600 g/pcs to approx. 5,000 g/pcs. 3 of the 8 farms are designed and approved for production of organic rainbow trout, and the total annual production on these 3 farms is approx. 300 tons.

The majority of our production is sold either as live trout in export markets or for processing on trout slaughterhouses in Denmark for following export as hot-smoked trout filets. A smaller but increasing part of the hot-smoked trout filets are sold to supermarkets in Denmark. The fingerlings are either used in our own on-growing farms or sold to a large number of fish farmers in Denmark and in several export markets.


FREA A/S is a fully recirculated state-of-the-art system for the production of trout. The plant is located a few hundred meters from the FREA Solutions workshop and, since 2017, it has been running full capacity in two buildings of each 4,000 m2. The annual output exceeds 2,000 tonnes.

The FREA plant has been established without connection to watercourses. Instead, the water for production is obtained from underground drains in the surrounding area to which it is released after use.

The production of trout is based on purchase of eyed eggs from registered suppliers. The fish produced is sold as fry and fingerlings to customers in most of Europe and as fish for processing companies.

The facility is run by five employees in production and a sixth employee with responsibility for maintenance and service of facilities and buildings.

FREA's RAS plant is based on solutions provided by FREA Solutions and distinguishes itself by:

-       A very low consumption of energy per kilo of produced fish

-       A very low consumption of excipients and medicines

-       Solid financial results

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